Saturday, March 23, 2013

6 Instagram Hashtags to Find and Inspire Creative Photos

While Instagram is full of self-takes (selfies), lunch specials and beautiful beaches, you can go beyond the common photo types to find those unique to Instagram. Use the right hashtags (keywords), and others doing the same things will see your specialty photos. Who knows? You could become Instagram-famous, and at a minimum, lift your photostream out of the ordinary.
This hashtag can provide hours of entertainment. Look for faces in inanimate objects around you — say, the headlights and fender of an old truck that together resemble a grinning face.
You can modify this hashtag by adding a place name at the end of it, such as #iseefacesbarcelona or #iseefacesinmykitchen. Use Instagram's "Explore" feature to search variations on a hashtag and find the popular ones — or start your own. (If you go the original route, use both the popular hashtag and your own when you post a photo.)

Another favorite, #jumpstagram, is a little trickier to capture, especially if you're alone. The hashtag indicates a photo showing the subject in mid-air. If you're on your own, you'll need a timer app, such as the $0.99 Apimac Self Timer for iPhone and iPad, or the free Camera FV5 Lite for Android. You'll also need a tripod that can you can set low to the ground, like a flexible GorillaPod , available from Joby for $20.

You want the camera not only near the ground, but also tilted up. If you're taking a photo of a friend, press and hold the shutter button, and release it as soon as the jump begins. (Those using a timer should set it to about 10 seconds, then run into position to make the jump.)

One of the original Instagram hashtags , #fromwhereistand means pointing the camera at your feet and including a little background to give viewers an idea of your location. Instagrammers frequently use this hashtag for travel pictures, and it makes a welcome addition to the usual scenic photos.

#throwbackthursday and other weekday shots
Hashtags have also spawned day-of-the-week traditions, such as #throwbackthursday

when users post photos from their pasts. (You can finally drag out those adorable baby pitures and post them without looking ridiculous.)

Other daily hashtags include #manimonday (a day to post a photo of your nails, often while holding the bottle of polish you used) and selfiesunday (that's right, another day to post a self portrait). Alternately, if you've been out with friends on Sunday, use #sundayfunday.

The hashtag #ootd stands for outfit-of-the-day and is usually a selfie. Standing in front of a mirror is the most popular way to do it, made famous by @oscarprgirl. Don't worry about hiding your camera from the mirror; including it is part of this genre.
If you are wearing a similar outfit to someone else, intentionally or not, take a photo and tag it #twinning.

#porn series
No, this has nothing to do with sex. (Instagram user policy prohibits nudity.) In this case, porn refers to a category of especially beautiful photos, such as "food porn." 

Instagram  contains a glut of meal pictures, so you might consider a different kind of "porn," such as photos of the sky. More than 3 million Instagram photos have gotten the #skyporn tag. #Cloudporn has a similar number of photos. You can tack "porn " to just about any photo-related noun to create a hashtag that is sure to be popular with fellow enthusiasts — #bikeporn, #beachporn, #rockporn.
#skyporn on Instagram

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top 5 Retro Games

Top 5 Retro Games to that visitor who want to love play Retro games daily, I am also fan of Ratro games and provide Top 5 Retro Games for you to play.

Top 5 Retro Games
Top 5 Retro Games

This list give you Top 5 Retro Games that’s peoples love to play these games. Let find for us which games number 1 according to you.

1. Another World:

Another World was introduced on 1991 and this is cinematic adventure games. This game is very popular because of its facial features, gestures and action to communicate.
You can see the intro video of this game below.

2. Ghouls and Ghosts:

Ghouls and Ghosts was a side scrolling medieval game with horror movie flavor. This game is very popular because of its lighthearted horror movie flavor.

Ghouls and Ghosts
Ghouls and Ghosts

3. Hard Drivin:

If you love racing than hard drivin is best retro games for racing and it’s introduced in 1989. Hard Drivin popular because of its first game to feature 3D Polygon drivin environments.

Hard Drivin
Hard Drivin

4. Space Crusade:

Space Crusade game which is introduced in 1992, this game most popular because of its three steps – Blood Angels, Imperial Fists and Ultra Marines. This gave you a mission to kill all the alien son the ship.

Space Crusade
Space Crusade

5. Abe’s Odyssey:

Abe’s Odyssey first released in 1997 for play station 1 by GT Interactive. This game centered around Abe and working a Rupture farms.

Abe's Odyssey
Abe’s Odyssey

Those are Top 5 Retro Games for those people that love to play games in their life. Please give us your feedback about those games and  tell us what games is your favorites.