Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Boot your Computer in Safe Mode

Microsoft Windows Safe Mode Screen
The first thing that you need to do is to take a physical note or a printout of this article. It will most definitely not be available once you restart your computer. The instructions to boot your computer in safe mode are quite simple and you do not even need to note them down if you have a good enough memory.

First, shut down your computer or tell it to restart. When it has finished shutting down and is in the process of starting up, tap the key F8 repeatedly as soon as it comes back to life. You should then see a familiar window that pops up when you have not shut your computer down properly. The dialog box has several options which you can use to start up your computer, however, one of the options there should be 'start windows in safe mode'. There should also be an additional option where you can 'start windows in safe mode with networking'. Depending on your reasons for restarting the computer in safe mode, pick the appropriate option and continue. You should be all set.

However, there are some people who have multiple boot systems, where they can choose to boot into any one of multiple operating systems that they have installed. This is not really a problem, because once you are prompted for which system to boot into, you can press F8 and get the same dialog box as mentioned above. Simply use your arrow keys to select the option and press enter to continue. Works like a charm every time.
Let us also bring about the scenario where you went to get a cup of coffee when your computer did being restarting. If this is the case, then your computer has most probably started up and is not in safe mode. There is no choice here but to restart your system again and keep a vigilant finger on the F8 key.
Safe mode helps you in many ways while running your pc. You will only have access to basic files and drivers in this mode and it is very useful for anyone to run diagnostics on his or her machine. There is a recovery console that is set up in safe mode in case your windows files have gotten corrupted for some reason as well. This is a very effective tool against computers that seem to be a little stubborn with the way they operate. If you cannot seem to boot into regular windows or cannot run a troubleshooting software because of windows interference in regular mode, then safe mode can be a safe way to get what you need to fix your computer's problems.
So safe mode can be useful when it comes to performing system diagnostics. Make sure that you keep the F8 key in mind so that even if you do not have access to this article, starting the computer in safe mode will not be a problem for you. Good luck!

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